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Finding the Best Websites for Online Horse Race Betting in India

Indian is well-known for its love of the game of horse racing and it has been prevailing here for close to two centuries. Madras is considered as one of the first racetracks setup in India and it still remains one of the most popular destinations for this sport. The Indian horse betting industry online is progressing fast, thanks to the nine racecourses that it has, of which six are approved by the horse racing authorities in India.

Satta remains one of the most popular option for online horse racing betting in Bangalore. All of the legal online horse race betting in India considers Satta as one of their top choices. In this type of horse betting the bettors place wagers on the horses that they think have a higher chance of winning the race. Horse racing is one of the hottest sports for online betting in India.

There is also tax on the online horse race betting in India. Before you place your bet, you must be aware of the 28% GST that state governments have levied on the winnings of the horse race wagers. However, since online horse betting industry of India is still in its infancy, you may be able to find betting websites where you might get away without paying any fees or taxes to the government.

Types of Horse Racings in Indian Horse Races

There is a huge fan base of the horse racing enthusiasts in India who regularly attend the racing events like the 1000 Guineas, Indian 1000, and Indian Debry among others where you can place your bet to win big money. However, before you start placing your bets, you must be aware of the latest news and follow professionals’ tips for best horse racing bets in India.

Placing Online Horse Race Betting in India

India is a place where it is mandatory for the bettors to be physically present for placing horse bets. It means the bet placement may be for the Tote or with a bookmaker. It may be a bet placed off-course and the Indian horse betting sites also provide different types wagers.

Types of Online Horse Racing Betting in Bangalore

There are different types of legal online horse race betting in India available for the bettors. Let’s have a look.


When the bettors place the bet for a particular horse to win the race, that is a winning bet. The dividend is paid for the bettors who betted on the horse that won. The minimum amount of Tote for this kind of bet is INR 10.


There is another one of the interesting online horse race betting in India called forecast. In forecast, the bettors are provided with the option to wager on the 1st and 2nd position finishes for a given race. They bettors must give the order of the 1st and 2nd too.


When the horse racing bettors do not just place one but two bets. In this case. They place two bets and wager that both of them will occur for sure during a single race and within the same order.


Place is another fun wager odd for online horse betting in India. In this type of horse racing online betting in India the bettor has to guess the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place for a particular horse within a given race. If there are runners, then you only get paid for finishing first or second. The 4th place horse may be given a divided if there are other winners too.

Second Horse Pool or Shp

Shp or Second Horse Pool is a bet in which the bettor has to select a particular horse that would come up in the runners up or 2nd position for a given race. You will lose the wager if the horse comes at any other position than 2nd. It has to come second for you to win that horse race.


Jackpot is one of the difficult ones when it comes to online betting horse race in India. For the online betting on horse racing in India you have to choose a horse for five different races for certain positions. But if only four out of the five horses get to the position that you expected, you will only be paid the amount for consolation dividend.

Super Jackpot

Super Jackpot is even more challenging than the Jackpot that we discussed above. In this case, you would have to choose from six different races. You have to select the first five winners to just qualify for the consolation dividend. And for all out full prize, you will have to guess all six horses for six chosen races correctly.
Here is a look at some of the other types of bets available for online horse race betting in India.


Tanala is a type of horse racing bet in which you wager in combination for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers for one single race. You have to ensure that the position you select is corrected. If the 2nd and 3rd places get interchanged, you will only get the consolation dividend. Tanala is another challenging yet fun online horse racing betting in India.


Treble is a type of betting where you have to select the different horse betting winners from three races. You will have to get all three selections to be the winner to get the dividend in this type of Indian race online betting. This is one of the most difficult horse race betting online in India.


An accumulator is a multi-race type of bet. You need to make selection on one horse for anywhere between two and six races for winning or a particular place. If you get the first choice right, you will be rolled over to the next selection. You will keep getting rolled till you keep winning and you will have the selections paid out. However, you will lose the wage if any of your selection goes wrong.

Bar Bet

In the online horse race betting in Bangalore, you will find bar bet as a new form of placing wagers. It is a bet introduced by the RWITC. It is a bet that you can place on any horse other the one that is already considered a hot favorite. It is you placing a bet that the favorite is going to lose the bet. The horse winning the race other than the favorite one is going to pay the dividend. Bar bet is one of the many options for legal online horse race betting in India.


Jodi is not one of the common options that you will find in online horse race betting in India. This is a typical example of combination bet for a single horse race. Even if one of the two horse’s wins, you will get the dividend. Tote’s minimum amount for such a bet is INR 10 with the ticket having the winning amount printed on it.


The online horse betting in India requires the wagers to select the horses to bet on. They must select at least 3 or a maximum of 5 horses. For the gambler to win any amount, at least two of the horses must win their races as predicted in their horse racing online betting in India.


In the case of Tanala, another engaging option for online horse race betting in India, you have to bet the race winners for three races in combination for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes. This bet has to be placed for a single race in a given order. If the 1st comes correct and the two others get reversed in their positions, a consolation dividend will be given.

Best Tracks for Online Horse Race Betting in India

When it comes to horse racing in India, it goes on regardless of the economic situation. The enthusiasts across the Indian horse race tracks keep on gathering to keep this sports alive and kicking. For example, The Rajyastova Trophy remains to be one for the top places for BTC (Bangalore Turf Club).
The top websites for online betting horse race in India always keep you posted with the latest previews and schedules. They also discuss with you the different betting odds for the ongoing winter season. These websites also publish the news stories to keep you informed on the online betting on horse racing in India with the finest tips to make the most money.
The online horse race betting in India is always going on. There are some tracks that are considered best for horse racing to place bets for online horse race betting in India.
• Royal Western Indian Turf Club
• Hyderabad Race Club
• Bangalore Turf Club
• Madras Race Club
• Mysore Race Club
• Royal Calcutta Turf Club
• Delhi Race Club

Fixed Odds VS Pools Betting

The online horse race betting in Bangalore runs on the Bangalore turf club in India. Other names for this legal online horse race betting in India also include Tote or The Totalisator and it is a computerized pool betting. In this case, all wagers total sum is given after deducting the taxes and fees. The processes are divded among the winners as payout or dividend. It is unlike fixed odds where a fixed amount is paid as per the original odds displayed before placing of the wager.
The variable online horse race betting in India is different. In this case, he wagering closes and the race starts. The odds continuously change, moving up and down depending on how the wagers are made and what is their value. A Tote Board is a computerized display that shows the current price for placement of odds.
There are different automated Totes available for online horse betting in India. It depends on the type of racecourse and what they intend to offer. There are manned tote windows also available for the horse racing online betting in India using a Tote Service Outlet. There are also the outside operators for the Totes trackside that have their handheld computers to help you quickly place bets. There is also the option of placing Tote wagers and the bets placed in Tote bets become part of the shared pool.
The bookmarkers for the India horse race online betting also provide the option for fixed odds. The fixed odds in the horse race betting legal in India offer a particular rate for the wagers to become successful. For example, if you see the odds of picking a horse at 6/1. You will win 6 rupees against every single rupee that you have placed bet for. The better will be able to offer a fixed price for the bets in such a case. It does not matter if the subsequent odds are rising or falling. These fixed odd races are few of the best horse races out there to enjoy.

What Horse Racing Option Should You Choose – Fixed or Tote?

The world of online horse betting in India is full of so many options with varying degree of risks involved. The wager pools for the tote of 6/1 odds may only be worth 5/1 or 4/1 by the time all the bets are already in. On the other hand, the fixed odds for 6/1 will not be able to offer more than 6/1. Even if the odds change before the closing of the bets. Bookmakers therefore also offer the starting price, also known as the SP odds. The contract is for the odds that are offered at the time of closing of the bets. It is very close to the Tote odds for horse racing online betting in India.
In the online horse race betting in India, there exists a competition between the bookmakers and clubs for customers’ wagers. The existence of incentives is due to the inducement of the Tote betting. The fixed tote odds remain as one of the most sort after. You can also say that the bettors can select to bet at fixed odds with the Tote using the computerized bookmaker option. The bettors are paid the winning amount which is set at the time of the wager and is also printed on the ticket.

Reduced Taxes by Government on the Tote Online Betting Horse Race in India

Bumper prize is one of the other ways to offer more incentives for the online betting on horse racing in India. The reward is above the already paid dividend to the winner for the winning of the Super Jackpot or Jackpot. RWITC also started offering the winning of a car on the Indian Derby Day recently.
The India horse racing online betting offers the option to select whether the bettors want to wager with the bookmakers or Tote. In either case, you must take the cost of placing the bet into consideration. The Tote bet starts at a minimum of INR 2 to INR 10 and the cost of starting a bet with the bookmaker starts with just INR 2. However, bookmakers require that the bet must be for a minimum of INR 50. Similarly, the government tax charges are also less on the Tote bets and are usually half of what is applicable to the bookmakers’ tickets for horse race betting legally in India.

What to Select from the Indian Race Online Betting?

Satta is the option that you can easily and quickly do online for the horse race betting online in India. There are many top sites that offer such facility with few of the names like ComeOn, BetWay, and Bet365. There are a number of betting markets that you get access to for these betting platforms to have a safe yet enjoyable experience.
India horse race online betting, horse race betting legal in India

Payout Rules for the India horse race online betting

The bettor has the task at the end to determine what are the payout rules for horse race betting legally in India. The outcome can greatly get affected if a horse withdraws from the race before the start or because of the disqualification. Such withdrawal affects the outcome and the odds for Indian horse racing. You also need to know in advance what are the measures in place for dealing with the payoffs resulting because of the dead heat. The knowing of these rules will help you avoid surprises in the future regarding payouts.
The fans of horse betting in India must know that the two most popular horse racing clubs in India include the Madras Race Club and Delhi Race Club. These are two of the most happening places when it comes to horse racing in India.

A Brief Overview of the Indian Horse Race Betting

The Supreme Court of India in 1996 has already ruled horse racing to be a game of skill and does not just involve luck. This ruling has led to an increase in the popularity of this game. This has also increased the online horse betting in India.
Today’s online betting horse race in India is governed by the six different Turf authorities within India. The online betting on horse racing in India involves organizing of such events in nine different racecourses across different parts of India. These include different pari-mutuel wagering stations and they have trackside bookmakers too. These states also consist of inter-tracking betting and off-course centers.

The online horse race betting in India has long been regularized and legal. The Indian horse racing fans are provided with different opportunities so that they can place bets on the international horse races too, with leading sites also offer cricket besides horse racing as their way of enticing new customers.

The Satta Scene in Today’s Horse Betting Scene

The right for offering the pari-mutuel betting is guarded by the Turf Authorities of India that they won after fight hard for it, including betting at the race courses and off-course centres. They mostly do not discourage sports betting sites.
There are some broad rights of bettors going for India horse race online betting. The horse race betting legally in India is not subject to the other gambling laws to the best of our knowledge. We do not know about any laws in existence that would stop people from wagering on horse bets online. There can be multiple opportunities that they can benefit from including the England’s St. Ledger Stakes, America’s Kentucky Debery, and the Japan Cup. Keep looking for the events available all year along to place your bets online

Frequently Asked Questions for Online Horse Race Betting in India

What is the most recommended method for depositing money for online horse race betting in India?2021-03-12T14:01:38+00:00

The most recommended method for payment is usually the e-wallets and it is a great way to deposit the money in the online betting sites for horse racing in India. Neteller has some decent reputation for sending and receiving such payments.
E-wallets are considered the best for the Indian players since it is not easy to use credit cards for the online horse race betting in India. It may take you a few days for setting up your e-wallet account.

Are there any bookmakers that take money from India for online horse race betting in India?2021-03-12T14:01:30+00:00

There are many online bookmakers that do take the bets from the ones that live in India. Indians can therefore participate in different sports for placing online bets including horse racing, football or soccer, tennis and others in the live casinos online.
Here is our recommended list of sportsbooks that you can consider for horse race betting online in India.


Is it possible to win real money with India horse race online betting?2021-03-12T13:58:24+00:00

The horse race betting legally in India is absolutely possible and it also allows you to win real money on the online horse race betting. However, you need to do your due diligence and be aware of such racing tracks and clubs that are not treating the bettors fairly.

Is online horse race betting in India safe?2021-03-12T13:42:52+00:00

Yes, absolutely, you shouldn’t worry about placing bets online with reputed online horse racing betting websites in India. Make sure that you do not deal with any of the dealers that have a shady past. If the legal authority of a site is questioned it means that your money is not safe and thus you need to avoid such websites, since they won’t be able to offer fair odds payouts or timely payouts.
Here is a list of some names that we suggest but still user discretion is advised.


What’s the status of legality of horse race betting in India?2021-03-12T13:41:23+00:00

It is not legal for operating betting sites for horse racing in India. However, we cannot state any laws that forbid placement of horse race sata online at different international sites. There are many Indian gambling laws online that you can read for further guidance.

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