Sikkimbet Review – One of the Best Betting Sites in India

SikkimBet.VIP is one of the best betting sites in India that provides you with legal ways of placing your wagers online. They have worked hard over the years to deliver the best betting app in India to our players. The main behind our services besides offering top online betting apps in India is to deliver exceptional quality entertainment to our customers and also provide a lot of diversification in options provided to the customers. The aim is to deliver to the customers interesting yet reasonable choices that ensure that they have their interest alive in the website. We do not just make sure that the customers get more entertainment without compromising on the quality. Therefore, they have ensured high level enterprise grade security for their mobile application. The use of the one Network Security Centre provides that much needed additional layer of security. Sikkimbet.VIP has already issued the most secure website certificate by the trustworthy GEO TRUST and the information of the players is encoded for improved privacy.

Pros and Cons of SikkimBet.VIP

Let ‘s have a discussion on the advantages and any limitations of using SikkimBet.VIP, one of the leading online betting sites in India.


High Level of Integrity
Besides delivering the best betting app in India SikkimBet.VIP also works hard to keep its reputation up by upholding highest levels of integrity. As one of the best online betting apps in India they provide the safest experience and deliver it by ensuring equal services with full transparency.
More Games Leads to Better Variety
Besides delivering one of the best online betting apps in India SikkimBet.VIP also ensures that the end users are able to enjoy more of the virtual games, poker and computer games. There are different interesting game that have been carefully shortlisted to maximize the pleasure for the online casino players of India. The players of all ages, particularly the younger lot is delivered a 24/7 dedicated customer and the management ensures that all the results are shared in a fair and just manner.
More Promotions on Regular Basis
One of the things that makes SikkimBet.VIP one of the top betting sites in India is its ability to deliver the best promotions. As one of the most entertaining cricket betting sites in India it keeps adding more exciting offers on a daily basis. Only the best cricket betting sites in India work hard to provide more chances of victory to their players.
Exceptional Customer Service
As a leading online website for giving access to so many markets, SikkimBet.VIP is always the best choice when it comes to cricket betting apps in India. Whether you want as a player to bet on legal betting sites in India or finding Indian gambling sites that offer more variety, Sikkim Bet is the go to website for you.
They ensure that 24/7 customer support is provided through a dedicated team with expertise in delivering premium quality user journey. They have devoted themselves to offer unparalleled service to the customers with a multi-channel interaction. They also provide customer service that includes support to the players through proactive communication. The active promotion offered by them brings new surprises and treats for the players. Therefore, when you choose to subscribe to SikkimBet.VIP, you are in for a lot of beautiful surprises, treats, and more chances to win prizes.
Ensure Responsible Play
When it comes to fairness and transparency, SikkimBet.VIP regularly makes to the cricket betting sites list in India. It is one of the best betting sites in India that needs to comply with the basic rules. However, it also ensures that the players playing on its website and app are of the legal age, that is 18 years old. They always work hard to ensure that only eligible players who can legally play become part of the bets and wagers. They also suggest to players to only play according to their pocket affordability and tend not to overdo it. This is one other reason why we consider it as one of the best online betting sites in India.
Greater Financial Security for Online Transactions
It is also considered as one of the best betting sites in India because it ensures that it abides by the rules set by the International Financial Organizations. It also means providing the highest level of online transaction encryption or SLL of 128 bits. Therefore, each player is given a username and password that is encoded to provide the most advanced methods of encryption. All such players are safe and secure. The company also works hard to provide safe sign in options and the play in system. SikkimBet.VIP understands and fully appreciate the seriousness of the responsibility it has of being entrusted with the financial information of their customers. The company leaves no stone unturned in delivering one of the safest online banking experience to the customers. It is one of the few Indian local betting sites that provide the same level of security on their website. They also extended it to ensure they offer the one of the securest betting apps in India.


User Experience
The website and the app for SikkimBet.VIP are just great and they are continuously striving hard to keep on delivering premium quality customer experience. Still, when it comes to delivering top notch customer experience, the user interface can still see a lot of tweaks and refinements before it can start attracting even more customers. That is the only suggestion we have for improvement in the SikkimBet.VIP mobile application.

Account Registration Requirements

When it comes to placing bets on one of the best online betting sites in India, that is SikkimBet.VIP, you need to ensure that you provide the required details that are asked and then you can make the withdraws using your local banks.
Let’s have a look at the documents the players need to provide to ensure that they are able to withdraw the money using their local bank account.

  • One copy of the ID card that has a clear picture of theirs on it.
  • They also need to provide copy of their bank account number.
  • They also need to provide a copy of their credit or debit card, including the front and the back side.
  • The player must also provide any other details as deemed necessary by the SikkimBet.VIP to start playing their bets.

Deposit Options on SikkimBet.VIP

As the providers of the best betting app in India SikkimBet.VIP ensures that they take care of the online deposits with breeze ease. We are not sure if they have one of those online betting apps in India that also provides payment option.

Payment Option

Here is how you can deposit money on this website.

Depositing Money

For you to become one of the top betting sites in India, you must deposit the money into their bank account. You can follow the steps shared below to place wagers on one of the best cricket betting sites in India.

Use the Local Bank Option

SikkimBet.VIP is considered as one of the top betting sites in India because it promotes ease of use. One of the reasons why a lot of cricket betting sites in India do not make it to the top is because of their difficult method of depositing money. SikkimBet.VIP is one of the best cricket betting sites in India because you can make deposits your local bank option.
The four simple steps are as follows that you need to follow to make the local bank deposit possible.

Step 1 – Getting in touch with the customer service

Get in touch with the website’s customer service to know the details on how to deposit the money using your local bank account.

Step 2 – Depositing the Money

Deposit the money using the account information provided by SikkimBet.VIP’s official customer service department.

Step 3 – Confirm the Details

The first step is for you to sign into the website on the URL. Now go to the “Sign-in” option and click on the Cashier section. Now click on the Transfer section by selecting it from the transfer method.
Select the local bank transfer method to provide all the required information for your and click finish to complete the process.
Once you have successfully carried out all these steps, you will be sent a transaction code by the system. Please note that SikkimBet.VIP has to verify it by getting in touch with the player and this code does not confirm the transaction has taken place or your money is received.

Step 4 – Email the Receipt

The next is that you need to send the receipt to the email that you have provided. The last time we checked they asked for emailing it at [sikkimbet[at]] but make sure that you keep checking if they make any changes to it.
SikkimBet.VIP provides one of the easiest methods of all the cricket betting apps in India. There are many legal betting sites in India where you can find a lot of useful information. It is one of the most friendly Indian gambling sites online.
Please note that the deposits made by the players will be immediately credited after they are received in the bank.

Withdrawal of Money

You can use the same option to withdraw the money using the local bank option.
Here are some steps that you need to keep in mind when withdrawing the money from SikkimBet.VIP website.
You need to fill in the withdrawal amount and provide all the information from the local bank.

Make sure that you have selected the local bank transfer method in the withdraw menu. After you select it, it is time to fill the withdrawal amount and provide all the needed information about your local bank to receive this information.
a. The name of the beneficiary
b. Bank name
c. Bank account number

If you have any more information required, you can check the frequently asked questions section that we have provided at the end.

How is SikkimBet.VIP’s website different than its competitors?

There are many that claim to be the best betting sites in India. SikkimBet.VIP has one of the best betting apps in India. This is one of those Indian local betting sites that provides its users with a host of options including slot games, live casino, and sports. Two of the options many in India are enthusiastic about include cock-fighting online and horse racing. The company ensures that they process the deposits and withdrawals at the earliest possible by ensuring a 24/7 customer support that takes care of the needs of their customers.

Is SikkimBet.VIP a Secure Website to Browse?

SikkimBet.VIP has placed a highly secure mechanism to protect the vital information of its users. They have also requested transfer agents, banks, institutes for credit cards and also partnered with other similar organizations to secure each player’s information for their transactions. The accounts are not transferred to others because they are considered commercial.

Is there a legal limit for placing bets on the SikkimBet.VIP website?

Yes, you can only join Sikkimbet.VIP if you are 18 years of age or more.

Is it necessary that one should register with Sikkim?

All the top online betting sites in India want extraordinary security for their players. Each provides the best betting app in India with a login. Similarly, they have the top online betting apps in India which also require login. The online betting apps in India and similarly websites, can only ensure security through a proper safety feature like username and password.

What to do if I forget the password of my account on SikkimBet.VIP?

You can simply go to the website and use the “forgot password” option and provide all the information correctly. It means ensuring that you have the right username email provided. Once you use this option, it will provide you with a temporary password that you can use to create a permanent password.

Are there any top betting site in India that operate legally?

Yes, there are many cricket betting sites in India that operate legally. Some of the best cricket betting sites in India always provide their users with complete information and also give them warning too. Make sure that you are placing your bets on a website that operates in a state where betting is legal. However, if you violate the laws, no website including SikkimBet.VIP will take such liabilities for you.

Can I use a credit card that I am not the owner of, may be a relative or friend?

Please make sure that you only use your card and not anyone else’s card or else it can create problems for you in transaction completion.

Are there any service charges upon the deposit or withdrawal of money?

Yes, there is a small fee that most cricket betting apps in India charge for, whatever method you choose. Usually the legal betting sites in India disclose such charges and mostly this amount is asked by the bank and not the Indian gambling sites. There is a small amount that SikkimBet.VIP charges to its customers in the form of processing fee that may go to a bank, a credit card institution or electronic wallets you select. Most websites like SikkimBet.VIP provide the table of service charges to their customers so that they are able to see upfront the amount of money that would be deducted once they deposit or withdraw a money for betting on an Indian gambling website.

Withdrawing the Money for the First Time

The best online betting sites in India usually provide the guide for withdrawing the money for the first time. The best online betting sites in India understand that one of the issues for the end users is that they struggle with withdrawing the money for the first time which results in them not trusting such gambling sites. SikkimBet.VIP asks the users to provide all the information required for ensuring their identification so that they don’t have to worry about withdrawal of money because of availability of insufficient information.
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