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Introducing MELBET

Mel Bet is considered as one of the top online gaming platforms with a visionary ownership of Tutkia Ltd behind it. Melbet is operated by the Pelican Entertainment Ltd. The history of melbet app may not be that old but the site started operating in 2012 to provide the best Melbet casino online through an ever evolving platform for online games. The user interface that the site provides makes it a great casino portal online for the bettors.
There are many other features that you would come to enjoy like the extraordinary responsive control system, an interactive user interface and an aesthetically appealing layout. This is the reason Melbet cricket remains as the top choice for the Indian punters. Melbet India is an online casino that works well for the professional and amateur players, offering many entertaining games.

Melbet Bookmaker offers more than 200 events daily and over 1,000 matches in Sportsbook. Placing bets is easy and enjoyable for both new and experienced bettors. Melbet offers many additional markets on specific events in many sports: run of play, team to score first, wins in time intervals, bets on stats (yellow/red cards, fouls etc.) You can also consider Melbet promo code to get ahead when playing on Melbet

Melbet – Pros & Cons


  • It offers variety of sports betting options.
  • There is a huge selection of games available at your disposal.
  • A huge online casino with different games available.
  • Supports many different currencies and languages.


  • It needs to improve its customer support.
  • There is no deposit limit which can be concerning for some punters.
  • Too much information overload can make things confusing for the newbie players.

Melbet Score

  • Melbet User Interface ➜ 8/10
  • Melbet Rewards 8/10

  • Melbet Customer Service ➜ 7/10
  • Melbet Betting Expenses ➜ 7/10

  • Melbet Payment Options ➜ 9/10
  • Melbet Usability ➜ 8/10
  • Overall Score8/10

Payment Options

There are multiple payment methods available on Melbet that you can consider for placing bets on this website. You can use different methods for depositing the funds to this site. There are no additional fee or charges that you would need to pay when depositing the money. Melbet has not set any minimum or maximum limits to provide the players with full freedom. Let us have a look.

Deposit Method
Min. Limit
Max. Limit
Waiting Times
Visa Card€ 1No LimitLess than 1 minuteNo fees
Master Card€ 1No LimitLess than 1 minuteNo fees
Maestro Card€ 1No LimitDepends on the card providerNo fees
Bank Wire Transfer€ 1No LimitDepends on your bankNo fees
Papara€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
Skrill€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
Neteller€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
Qiwi€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
ePay€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
Pay4Fun€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
Perfect Money€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
MegaFon€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
Bitcoin€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
Beeline€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
Monero€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
TelePay€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
WebMoney€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
Amigo€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees
EcoBanq€ 1No LimitInstantNo fees

Account Registration

Account registration is mandatory before you start your journey to placing bets on Melbet India website.
Unlike many of the other online betting sites in India, this process is pretty easy and straight forward. If you follow the steps correctly, you will be able to easily create the account and start placing your bets.

Step 1:
You need to go to the online Melbet website.
Step 2:
Go to the registration button that you can find on the right top right corner.
Step 3:
Now, select the method of registration.
Step 4:
Provide the details that are accurate to the best of your knowledge and absolutely necessary.
Step 5:
Click on the “Registration” button.
Step 6:
You have successfully created your account on Melbet India.

Account Verification

Once you have registered your account, you may still face some issues unless you get it verified, whether you have selected the mobile or desktop method. It means verifying your personal information and address. Since in the past scammers created a lot of troubles for the genuine online betting sites in India, verification has become mandatory. The verification process of account is simple as the registration itself. You need to submit the following documents for your account verification.

• Utility Bill
• Bank Statement
• Driver’s License
• Passport
• ID Card

Deposits and Withdrawals

Melbet offers a lot of different methods using which you can deposit your money for placing bets. The idea is to help the customers and facilitate them as much as possible in depositing and withdrawing the cash on this amazing online gaming platform. This also lets the company reduce any bottleneck that may be created due to the use of just one or two payment methods. There are many currencies support of this website including Dirhams, Armenian Drams, Russian Rubles, Serbian Dinars, Albanian Lekë and the commonly used Euros and US Dollars. It also supports the UAE Dirhams too. There is also support for those players who want to use cryptocurrency for placing bets like the Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoins. Select that method which suits you the best. Here is a quick look at the payment methods available.
• MegaFon
• Bitcoin
• Beeline
• Monero
• TelePay
• WebMoney
• Amigo
• EcoBanq
• AstroPay Card
• Visa Card
• Master Card
• Maestro Card
• Bank Wire Transfer
• Papara
• Skrill
• Neteller
• Qiwi
• ePay
• Pay4Fun
• Perfect Money

How to make a deposit at Melbet?

MelbetIndia lets you easily place the deposits using the different methods and you can explore the options as discuss above. MelbetIndia com provides you with a simple method for depositing your money without failing. You can follow the steps shared below to make the deposit. Make sure that you follow all the steps involved in this deposit on
The first step is that you have to visit the official Melbet website. {Add Link}
The next step is to log into your account or you can get yourself registered if you already haven’t done so. You can follow the registration processes as followed above in this page.
Once you have been through the registration process, now you need to consider the different fields. Select from the various options for welcome bonus as it will help you get free money for placing bets on this website.
For more information, you can check our other pages on Melbet for details.
Now, you need to verify your account. The account verification process is also shared above with all the steps involved. Make sure that you do not skip any step, if you do you won’t be able to get all the benefits and may result in not getting your account verified.
After account creation and verification, now log into your account and click on the green button that says “Deposit” which you will find on the top right side of the page.
Once you click on that button, you will find the option for depositing of the money ensuring that you tick the box labelled as “Payment Systems in Your Region”. This will allow you to see the ones supported in your particular region.
Now is the time to select the method of payment that you can choose by clicking on it.
Once you have selected the method you wanted, it is time to go ahead with the process.

One of things that you can use to enhance your chances of getting more money to play with is the welcome bonus option. Make sure that you have selected it so that you can take advantage of it.
Keep checking the mel bet to see the new bonus offers. The Melbet app also provides you with ways to play and claim such bonus as a first time user. Now, you also have to logged into use to deposit button on the Melbet casino to make the deposit and claim the amount accordingly.
For you to easily complete the process you can follow any Visa card transaction process from start to finish. Here are the details that you would have to enter.
The amount in INR.
The email (it is optional but better to provide for easy communication).
Now go to the button that says “Confirm” to confirm and you will be sent to the next page for entering your visa card details.
The details that you will provide include the following.
• Your card number
• It’s expiry date including the month and year.
• The name of the card holder.
• CVC2 number.
Now, you can go to the complete payment option to click on the checkout button and you are done.
Make sure that you are using the official Melbet website for depositing the money.
Also, in order for you to successfully transact the payment, you must be logged into the website or you can go through the guide provided above for account creation and registration on MelbetIndia.

Terms and Conditions for the Deposit at Melbet

Make sure that you do understand the terms and conditions that govern the use of Melbet website for using the different deposit methods. MelbetIndia com has some simple terms and conditions that you need to be cognizant of. Always ensure that the deposit you have made is via your personal details on Since the bookmaker at this website can protect you and that you can claim the money in your account once you have won it and want to withdraw it.
Make sure that you deposit the money by choosing from the methods of payment provided in the relevant section. You need to be 18 years of age to make a deposit Melbet. Melbet may not accept payments done via the e-wallets.
Make sure that you are only making the deposit for the placement of bets and not anything else. In case it is for some other purpose, Mel Bet team has the right to decline it and close your account.
The Melbet app does not allow you to make deposits with foreign e-wallets.
A cardholder can only make the deposit or the one who is the owner an e-wallet and not someone else on their behalf.
Please make sure that you are not making deposit using someone else’s details.
If Melbet team has any doubt about your identity they may insist for additional verification to know that you are the owner of the method, you used for depositing money in the Melbet casino online.
These are some of the main terms and conditions that you must be familiar with to start betting on Melbet. You may also need to read through the other terms and conditions on the official Melbet website to make sure that you know everything there is regarding the terms and conditions before placing a bet.

How to withdraw money from Melbet?

Since we have discussed everything that you need to know to making a deposit on the Melbet casino website, it is time to help you focus on the process of withdrawing the money that you have won. The simple steps given below will help you know more about how to easily withdraw the money that you have won on Melbet.

  1. You have to log into the Melbet account you have created.
  2. Go to the “My Account” button that you will find on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Now, click on the “Withdraw Funds” button.
  4. Please make sure that you have provided all the information to pass the “KYC (Know Your Customer)” requirements by Melbet. If you have not passed them you won’t be able to withdraw the funds. Please check the Melbet Verification above in this page to fulfill the KYC requirements.
  5. Select from the different available methods and ensure that you have selected the “Payment Systems in Your Region”.
  6. After selection, now is the time to enter the required details of the method selected.
  7. We have mention above using Visa as a payment deposit option. You can use the same if available for the withdrawal.

What are the payment withdrawal methods offered by Melbet?

As mentioned before, it is easy to withdraw the money with Melbet. You need to keep on thing in that you have to pass the requirements set by the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification requirements. Let us have a look at the different withdrawal methods offered by Melbet. One of the benefits is that there are very low minimum limits and no fee to pay. The waiting time for the punters is also not much with Melbet
Like the Melbet promo code, it is easier to withdraw the money and there are many methods available to consider. Please check the website of Melbet to know all the withdrawal methods available. You can also find them once you open their Payment section that you can find on top of the page.

What are the Melbet withdrawal terms and conditions?

If you want to ensure a trouble free withdrawal from MelbetIndia, you need to follow their requirements for the withdrawal for the set terms and conditions. If you do not follow Melbet Inda com T&Cs, you are going to lose the money and they may even choose to close your Melbet account. However, if you follow terms and conditions you do not need to worry about anything and have your money.

Let us have a look at their terms and conditions.

  • The minimum age for the withdrawal from Melbet is 18 years.
  • Make sure that you have pass the KYC customer verification, without which you won’t be able to withdraw the money. Make sure that you check the verification requirements for Melbet that we have shared above.
  • Make sure that you are using the withdrawal method that you are comfortable with.
  • You will not be allowed to use someone else’s details for withdrawing the money.
  • The requests for withdrawal are processed by Melbet 24/7.
  • You can only use that method for withdrawing the money which you have used for depositing the funds when you added them to your account.
  • Melbet at any time can check your data to check for any discrepancies between the details that you have provided and the verification documents submitted in its support.
  • Try not to open a second account at Melbet since it will result in closing of the account you created first and you will lose all the money that you had in it.

Please note that these are some of the main Mel Bet terms and conditions for withdrawing the money. Melbet app can provide you some additional information on it. You can also check the official website’s Melbet casino section and other areas of the bookmaker. You will find the page for terms and conditions with its button for more details on the deposits and withdrawals.

Melbet India Security and Regulations

It is important for every website to protect the clients’ information and their money. Melbet cricket and other casinos website offers few of the industry-best security protocols. They rely upon the SSL security for keeping their accounts safe and anyone cannot just easily access them. You must have the peace of mind that your information remains protected at all times with its end to end encryption. It means it is not easy for any unauthorized person to access your information or take your money by decrypting it. The provision of such foolproof security arrangement is further assisted with additional regulations that they use on their online casinos. The purpose of making regulations is to provide the best code of ethics when allowing users to access Melbet’s online gaming platform. Melbet India also have set rules for keeping you safe to avoid any future account or security issues that they may come across.

Melbet Affiliate Program

Besides the Melbet promo code, Melbet casino also allows their online gamers to earn some extra money by using their affiliate program. If you choose to join their affiliate program, you will be given high commission for an extended time. For you to claim the high commission by referring others is by signing up for their affiliate program. The more number of individuals join this website by your reference, the great is the profit that you will be earning.

Mobile App

Melbet Smartphone Casino App

MelbetIndia also offers a highly interactive and engaging mobile application for its MelbetIndia com palatform for its mobile casino. You can access this gaming site with your mobile phone and play from the different casino game options available. You can also download the’s apk, that runs with the compatible iOS and Android application browser.
Mel bet offers a website too that has a mobile application and you can access that using your smartphone to play the game that you like the most. The Melbet app is also usable anywhere else besides your home, letting you take the Melbet casino anywhere you go and play the casino games anywhere you like. This is one of those features that makes Melbet one of the most attractive offers available to the online Indian casino gaming enthusiasts.