The simple answer to the question do there exist legal betting sites in India is Yes! There are no laws made by the Indian federation against such an act. So if someone asks you is betting legal in India you can answer in affirmative. However, the gambling laws in India differ with each state in the country. Some have laws against them while others don’t oppose the idea of legal betting aps in India. Thus, you must be sure that legal betting in India does exist but do check with the particular state in which you live to be extra sure.

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Since the question asked if betting is legal in India is asked a lot, we wanted at have written this in-depth blog post to provide you with the most correct information possible. This blog post will hopefully answer the question for good regarding the fact that “is gambling legal in India?”. Hopefully you will also do your research to make sure as a responsible citizen that you do not break the law. We have teamed up with some of the top legal experts in India to try and get the answer out for you. Make sure that you stay updated on any legal changes brought by the Indian government in the future.

The ongoing concept of online betting is legal in India or not – A snapshot
To give you a correct answer to this question, we have asked many of the legal advisers in India to provide you the legality answer of online gambling legality in India.

The simple question that we have asked these legal experts is if is it legal to place bets in India? The answer that they gave may not solve a lot of the questions but create a few more. The current gambling is governed by the laws made in 1867 through the Public Gambling Act of 1867. This law at the time of its promulgation did not take into consider the online betting scene. So, there is no direct reference to the illegality of online betting in this act.

This answer can give you the clue that there is no direct mention of the legality of online betting within the Indian laws. Therefore, there is no direct prohibition of such an act directly.

Many of the legal experts that we consulted did not mention if there was anyone prosecuted for placing bets online in India. Almost all of them said they did not get any such information so far that anyone was prosecuted in India for gambling on the internet.

A Short Summary of Legality of Betting Laws in India

When it comes to legalizing sports betting in India it still remains a complex that needs further clarity on the part of the government. There also exists some contradiction on this topic between the state and federal laws. There are many legal experts in India who have a differing opinion on legal betting sites in India. Until the government of India goes all out against betting legally in India there isn’t much that can stop anyone by the force of law. The gambling laws in India need to be revised and worked upon to get over with their dubiousness and the lack of clarity that surrounds them.

Legality of Betting in Online India – A Bit of a Historic Perspective

During the colonial period, the government under the East India Company prohibited was not legally allowed. The then government promulgated the Public Gambling Act of 1867. This allow did not allow anyone to use any gambling services offered anywhere in India. It also meant not to use the public gambling facilities or paying them physical visits. However, this law at the time did not make any mention of the online betting since at the time of enactment of law, the internet was still not invented.

Now, we have the internet available providing people the option to go online and place bets. Does it mean that you are allowed to place bets on the internet since they have not been specifically prohibited in the 1867 Gambling Act. For now, consider the answer to this question as yes.

If the government of India did want everyone not to place bets online, it would have promulgated a law which would have specifically prohibited placement of bets on the internet. This is why so many legal betting apps in India are used by millions of individuals online in India without any direct intervention from the government.

Why “Betting is legal in India” remains a debatable statement?

The Indian constitution was enshrined back in the early 1950s. The constitution made it flexible for the states to make their own gambling laws according to their local customs and traditions. It meant the constitution did not impose a blanket ban or made cricket betting legal in India. For gambling to be legal in India it had to be decided by the individual states instead of the federal government. Thus, this allowed each of the state made their laws with the difference in the level of their strictness with each state.

For better understanding about the fact if online betting is legal in India let us go through an example. The state of Maharashtra the state does allow placing bets on games that involve skills. For online gambling games in India this legal cover by Maharashtra does not include games that involve luck and they are not allowed for the placement of bets. Many other states including Karnataka have similar laws in place. Sikkim is one such state where the local government is playing an active role to legalize placing online bets in their state. There are reports of the state government accepting license applications for new betting operators who can offer games for bettors to play on the internet.

Many of the states in India are still in the process of making laws for online betting and some haven’t yet even started the process to do so. This provides a grey area that results in confusion. One such example is the state of Tamil Nadu where there still exists confusion if it is legal or not to place bets online. However, with the exception of Maharashtra, there is no other state where online gambling is considered a prosecutable offense.

You can infer from this that many states in India do allow online betting for games that involve skills but not for the games that involve luck. Thus, when asking the question about legalizing sports betting sites in India, you need to be aware of such limitations. Thus, when it comes to betting laws in India, the local authorities do differentiate between games of luck and skill.

So how are players going to differentiate if they are placing their bet on an online Indian game that involves luck or skill? Online betting in most cases is considered a game that involves more of logic and skill. The more knowledge you have regarding a particular tournament, team, event, or sport, the better the chances that you are going to win bets on it.

Let’s take the example of cricket. If India is playing a cricket against Sri Lanka, you can always look at the statistics, the two team players, and the overall impression of the pitch to guess with your skill and knowledge teams that have higher chances of winning the game.

Such games have legal betting sites in India since there involves a great deal of knowledge. You can place betting legally in India when you can use your knowledge to place the bets to guess the outcome of the game. Such games also offer world-class legal betting apps in India allowing you to place bets on them. Thus, when it comes to online betting, skill makes an essential part of the overall judgement. Therefore, in such cases where there is involvement of skills and knowledge that increase your chances of winning the bet, you can always play such bets.

On the contrary, where there is nothing much your skill or knowledge can offer in value. In such a case, many games only involve luck and there isn’t much impact that can be made in guessing the outcome otherwise.

Roulette is one such games that involves luck instead of skill. No matter how many days, weeks or months you study the game of roulette, there isn’t much you can do increase your chances of becoming successful at it.

Once the roulette’s little ball starts rolling there isn’t much that anyone can do. All you can do is count your lucky star and hope for the best.

Isn’t there a lot of skill involved in horse racing? What’s your take on that?

The Supreme Court of India legalized the betting on horse racing back in 1996 advocating that it is a game that involves skill and not luck. Then, if that is the case, the question arises, aren’t there other games that can be thought of dependent on skill and not on luck. Football and cricket are two prime examples of such games where we almost always know that the stronger or favorite team will win. However, when you look closer, there is a famous adage “cricket is by chance”. Horse betting is thus considered a game that involves skill but cricket betting is not considered a game of skills. Yes, horse betting being legal is a good thing but the online bettors may argue that the Supreme Court of India and other Indian gambling regulatory authorities must also have a more lenient view towards other sports where it is difficult to decide they can be won based on skill or luck.

There are many opinions in India about why horse betting is legal in the country. Everyone has different viewpoints based on the type of games they like. Some consider it as a legacy of the British empire that still hangs in the subcontinent, particularly in India. Others consider it as something that the elites like the most and thus they are into horse trading and betting more. There is another fourth theory that states the reason being promoting the horse breeding industry in India. But many of the other sports enthusiasts feel that the games they have interest in should also be legalized for online betting throughout India. This is why we have created this blog post to provide you as much information as possible on the legality of placing online bets in India. No matter which sports you consider or like for online betting in India legally, will always provide you with the most updated content and all the information that you need to make decisions regarding such betting practices.

Is there a timeline for making online betting legal in India?

There are no timelines for making online betting in India legal. It will take time before we can see support for legally placing online gambles in India. Some suggest that is only a matter of only a couple of years. Others suggest that it may never take place. is one such place where we will keep you informed and also guide you about the legality as well as safety of placing online bets in India.

Do not be conscious if you think the current betting laws in India are vague and need more clarity. Online Indian betting industry is slowly gaining traction and hopefully we will see more safe and legal options for placing bets on the internet in India. Meanwhile, here is a list of some of the legal betting sites in India that you can consider betting on.