When it comes to finding the best, two of the names come to the top. This blog post is aimed to help those who are always comparing bet 365 VS 1xBet. 365bet and 1xBet are two very famous betting sites in India. It is a comparison that does not tell you which one is the best. But gives you a perspective on the experience that you can expect when using either one of the two.
Each of these two mobile cricket betting apps have their fan following across India. When you compare the mobile bet365 app with that of the 1xbet app, you may find them pretty similar. However, once we have a deeper look, we would be really able to know more.
This blog post will compare 1xBet with bet365 casino smartphone application to let you know the different critical aspects of each one of them.
There are many great options of features made available by Bet365 and 1xBet for its users. The idea is to compare both of them including their deposit methods and the welcome bonuses that they offer including the betting features. Once you go through this blog post you will be able to come to know which one of the two sites is right for you.
If you are willing to have a look, let’s compare bet365 live with 1xbet online to know their different usage aspects.

Responsive and Convenience of Usage

When you are starting your wager journey with 1xbet mobile app or 1xbet website, you need to learn about it first.
When you are starting online betting, it is not easy find the rhythm and until you figure that out, nothing will make any sense. For that you would have to learn the terminologies and the navigation of the application that you have chosen to use.
When you are a beginner, it becomes even more important that you choose an application that is user-friendly. There are many examples of user-friendly apps including the one by SikkimBet.VIP and Bet365, both have been liked by users because of their ease of use. They also feature games that you can easily access.
1xBet is not an application that we would suggest to the new users since it needs a bit of brushing up to do when it comes to user-friendliness. There seems to be an information overload that needs to be tackled. Similarly, the main is cluttered with different functions and games that may be overwhelming for a new user to tackle. Many newbies may struggle to find their way around when using 1xbet.
So, if we consider user-friendliness, we would tilt our opinion in favor of Bet365.

Deposit Methods: Bet 365 VS 1xBet

One of the things that makes some of the great cricket and sports betting sites in India is the use of viable deposit methods. Since, it has to be easier to use any mobile app for depositing your money for placing bets.
At BestofBettingSites.com we are always striving to bring up those betting sites that provide the option for local players to use the easily available deposit methods. Some of the local Indian payment deposit methods that we consider convenient for the players include UPI, PhonePe, online bank transfer, and Paytm among others.
Bet 365 is one of those international websites that prefers more of the foreign customers and currently do not offer accept the local Indian payment methods. 365Bet does not provide many of the methods preferred by the locals.
1xBet app on the contrary offers many different deposit methods. 1xBet tries to be more appealing to the local players as opposed to the approach taken by mobile bet365 app. The bet365 casino app is more into attracting the international audience. The 1xbet app offers you various local payment deposit methods including cryptocurrency, PhonePe, Paytem, and local Indian Bank Transfer.

1xBet Deposit Methods

  • Google Pay
  • PhonePe
  • Paytm
  • UPI

Bet365 Deposit Methods

  • AstroPay Card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Visa or Master Card

Here we would say that 1xbet app is one up with more convenient payment deposit options offered to the Indian players.

Bet365 Live VS 1XBet: Welcome Bonus

One of the things about online betting sites is the use of a welcome bonus to entire more of the customers to use their website and application.
There is this underlying hidden desire to get free stuff and whenever someone offers us something without any cost, we somehow like. The same is the case with the welcome bonus that different betting sites in India offer.
Therefore, for the Indian punters online or in general we all like if someone would offer us a free welcome bonus online.
Bet365 Live and 1xbet online are both websites that offer good welcome bonuses to the new players from India. When you join Bet 365, you will get the bet credits of INR 2,000 which is great if you are starting fresh.
Similarly, 1xbet mobile app can give you a matching bonus. The maximum bonus that you can get from 1xbet website is up to INR 10,400 depending on how much money you have deposited with that website. You can only use this money that is given by the website for placing online bets in their casinos and for other games they offer for wager.
So in the comparison between bet 365 vs 1xbet, we suggest that you go for the 1xbet because of its higher amount of welcome bonus. In this category bet 365 definitely needs to do more since bet365 does not offer matching bonus of that much amount as 1xbet.

Bet365 VS 1XBET: Betting Odds

When you are aiming to win big money for maximizing your profits on online, you need to get the best betting odds to increase your chances of winning more. The better odds you have, the more profits or losses you are going to make since it is said that higher the risk, higher the reward. The odds mostly found on Bet365 and 1XBet look a lot similar with slight differences found. In the short term these differences are negligible but in the long run they can significantly impact the odds.
Bet365 is usually known to offer few of the best odds for many sports including horse racing. They provide best odds on horse racing that you can trust.
1xBet app is also highly competitive when it comes to offering the best odds as one of the two leading betting sites. Mobile 365 is inclined more towards odds on horse betting and via bet 365 casinos. 1xbet app cashes more on the game of cricket since they understand the popularity this sports enjoys in the country.
This, if you are looking to place wagers on horse racing, your first choice should be Bet365. However, if like most of the Indian punters you want to bet on cricket or other sports, you should opt for 1bbet odds.
In this category, we think 1xBet is a clear winner because of the better odds that it offers.

1XBet VS BET365: The Live Betting Option

Most of the leading betting websites in India offer the option to place live bets on the different games online.
Live betting is more intense and also captivating and if you haven’t yet tried live betting, it is worth giving a try to feel the adrenaline rush.
So, which of the two you should opt for bet365 live or 1xbet mobile app live?
If you regularly place bets we would suggest that you go with Bet365. Since Bet 365 offers excellent live betting platform and a user-friendly interface. On the contrary, 1xbet website also provides you with several options for placing bets on the live cricket matches taking place. 1xbet website allows you to place bets on several matches at the same time. But for live betting, it is hard to beat what bet365 offers to its players. There is a presentable live betting window providing you a virtual rendition of the game with complete statistics.
The 1xbet live betting platform provides with different options but they may need to consider improving their navigation and overall appearance to make it more presentable.
In the live betting category, we would definitely consider Bet365 as the clear winner.

1XBET365 VS 1XBET: The Option to LiveStream

Live streaming is a feature using which the players can stream the sports live at their convenience and directly bet on a given website. One of the reasons a lot of websites for betting in India do not offer this service is because of the extra cost they have to incur. Bet365 and 1xBet both provide a reliable live streaming platform.
So, which website do you need to consider between Bet365 and 1xBet when it comes to using the live streaming service.
It is not easy to pick one particular winner when it comes to finding out which one offers the best live streaming service.
There are many 1xBet live streaming options available that you can consider for various sports from football to cycling and many other sports.
The mobile Bet365 does not come with that much variety for live streaming different sports but they primarily focus on the most famous ones. There are still many matches for live streaming on sports like golf, basketball, cricket, and football.
Bet365 casino also adds a lot of variation. 1xbet app on the contrary needs to work on that area. In this category we therefore consider Bet365 as the winner.

Which of the two betting sites is better: Bet365 or 1XBet?

Since you have gone through the comparison for both 1XBet and Bet365, you can decide as per your choice. There are advantages and limitations of using both of the websites and you can choose one of the two according to your specific requirements.
No matter which of the two sites you choose, they are the best in their respective categories and bound to provide you world-class betting experience.